Santee Sioux Videos

A Unique People
Discover how the Santee Sioux help make Flandreau, South Dakota a better place to live.
Learn early history of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe and see how they have grown into a significant economic and entertainment player for South Dakota and the Flandreau area.

Annual Wacipi Powwwow – July 18-20
Every year the Santee Sioux celebrate our great traditions with our annual Wacipi Powwow. See through this video the beauty and tradition of the powwow Grand Entry.

Royal River Casino Entertainers: Sherwin and Pam Linton.
Performers from all over the country entertain guest weekly at the Royal River Casino in Flandreau. Here’s a brief glimpse of what you can expect when well-known performers as Sherwin and Pam Linton take the stage.